Feature 04.03.2024

The Quest for Cosy | A Deep Dive into Cosy Gaming

**First published on GameDeveloper.com on 1st of March 2024**

Cosy gaming means something different to everyone. For some, it’s creating legacy save files spanning multiple generations on The Sims, for others it’s maintaining a bustling farm or town in games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, and for others it’s putting items in their rightful place with a satisfying click like in A Little to the Left.

However you spend your cosy gaming time, one thing is always true: cosy games provide a respite and safe haven in an increasingly busy world and give us the opportunity to escape to lush environments, listen to peaceful music and experience relaxing gameplay. But where did cosy games come from? Just why are they so good for our busy brains? How can I get into cosy mode?

Jess Rutland, Business Development Associate at Auroch Digital, explores the genre in a new feature with GameDeveloper.com and takes us on a journey of the benefits of cosy gaming, their common design features, and ways cosy gaming is gaining new life off the screen.

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