EDI 08.04.2024

Sumo Group hosts portfolio and careers day for Code Coven alumni

As part of their ongoing partnership, Sumo Group and Code Coven joined forces last month to host a portfolio and careers day for alumni of the programme, to support them with landing a role in the games industry, optimising their portfolio and discovering the details of specifics disciplines.

The event, which was hosted on the 27th of March 2024, saw teams including Talent Acquisition, Game and Narrative Design, Audio, Production, Art and UI/UX meeting with the Code Coven alumni to share their expertise and experiences of life in the games industry. Everyone who took part received a 1:1 session with a discipline of their choosing to get some insider tips, a portfolio and CS review and advice on their role.

Code Coven the first global accelerator and academy dedicated to forwarding opportunities for marginalized game developers at all levels, through events and engagements with its community to support growing talent in the games industry.

On the event, Code Coven co-CEO Cinzia Musio, said: “We had the privilege of partnering with Sumo Group for the first Code Coven x Sumo Group Portfolio Review Day, and were blown away by the kindness, and expert insight that was brought on by all Sumo Group employees.

“With honest, thoughtful and incredibly useful workshops and sessions, this was an absolutely brilliant afternoon which left our alumni with the knowledge they need to be able to take their portfolio to the next level. We're so proud to partner with Sumo Group, and are looking forward to continuing working together in the future.”

Sumo Group’s Head of Inclusion & Belonging, Leon Hijazi-Killin, said “I’m pleased to see how our talented folks from across all our studios and locations at Sumo Group are always so keen and excited to share their knowledge, skills and insights with folks who are just taking their first steps into the games industry.

We are immensely proud to be part of the collective effort to nurture amazing and uniquely talented individuals, like the students in Code Coven, and do our part to make sure we have a thriving creative global workforce in games—we firmly believe that partnering with organisations like Code Coven is part of that goal and vital to creating great games!”

For more information about Code Coven, please visit: https://www.codecoven.co/

Sumo Group is committed to working towards meaningful and enduring diversity across the games industry, and to raising awareness of game development as a viable career choice. As part of this commitment, it is proud to partner with organisations including Code Coven, Limit Break, Mission Gender Equity and the Ahead Partnership to support their goals of creating a kinder, fairer, more diverse and inclusive games industry for everyone to thrive.

More information about Sumo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the games industry, and an update on our targets can be found within the Environment, Social and Governance page.