Games 10.06.2024

Secret Mode makes a splash at Summer Game Fest

Publisher Secret Mode made a splash at Summer Game Fest this weekend as it announced, revealed and shared a look at some of the titles on its roster.

The publisher, which sits alongside Sumo Digital in the Sumo Group family, could be found at various events and showcases throughout the weekend with new content for its latest games.

In partnership with Sumo Newcastle, Secret Mode shared the world-exclusive announcement of Critter Café during Wholesome Direct. This brand-new game from Sumo Newcastle invites players to rescue and collect cute critters, then bring them home to a fully-customisable café environment to build bonds and grow together. Critter Café will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year, and you can watch the adorable first trailer below:

Continuing their collaboration with Sumo Newcastle, next to be revealed was a first-look at the ferocious and futurist world of DEATHSPRINT 66, during the PC Gaming Show. Developed by Sumo Newcastle, DEATHSPRINT 66 is a thrilling, 8-player PvP combat racing game which sees players battling extreme obstacle courses and pushing the boundaries of entertainment. DEATHSPRINT 66 will be released later this year, and you can watch the gruelling-gameplay trailer below:

Also in the PC Gaming Show was a brand-new trailer for the highly-anticipated narrative horror game Still Wakes the Deep. Developed by The Chinese Room, Still Wakes the Deep sees players embody Caz – an off-shore oil-rig worker – and fight for their life through a vicious storm, perilous surroundings, and the dark, freezing North Sea waters with an unknowable horror aboard, releases on the 18th of June 2024 for PC, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Game Pass. Watch the launch trailer below… if you dare:

Secret Mode also announced that Max Inferno’s cosy puzzler, A Little to the Left, will be releasing brand new DLC. The latest instalment in this tidying hit is titled Seeing Stars and will add 38 new messes to tidy up, with a focus on puzzles with multiple solutions. Releasing on 25th of June for PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, you can check out the snug sneak preview of what’s to come below:

Finally, the publisher announced that Billy Goat’s Entertainment's recreational riding game Parcel Corps will launch on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on 3rd September. In Parcel Corps, players can ditch the 9-5 and embrace the high-octane life of a freelance bicycle messenger as they ride along walls, grind rails and… startle pigeons? Prepare to kick it into high gear with the trailer below:

For more information about publishing services, please visit the Secret Mode website.