Games 22.02.2024

Secret Mode and Sumo Digital announce multi-title partnership

Sumo Group’s publishing division Secret Mode, along with development studio Sumo Newcastle, are excited to reveal a new multi-title partnership today and their first title DEATHSPRINT 66, a brand-new multiplayer IP. 

DEATHSPRINT 66 is an on-foot racing gameshow set in a dystopian future where contestants compete to entertain a global audience of bloodthirsty viewers. The game is the first of Secret Mode’s and Sumo Newcastle’s newly announced partnership, which will span across different genres and IPs.

Sumo Newcastle’s upcoming title can be seen on the cover of EDGE #395, out today, which contains world exclusive access, screenshots, and impressions of the game in action ahead of its premiere at the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase on 21st March, 2024. 

For more information pick up or order your copy of EDGE Magazine now.