Games 12.02.2024

Go behind the scenes of Stampede: Racing Royale

The development team at Sumo Leamington have been taking us behind the scenes of their upcoming kart racing game, Stampede: Racing Royale, in a new series of developer diaries.

Developed by Sumo Leamington and published by Secret Mode, Stampede: Racing Royale is due to be released later this year and pits 60 players against one another across three rounds of eliminator events, culminating in a high-stakes finale to crown the winner.

Get race-ready with these insights into the origins of this game, how it’s developing and life at Sumo Leamington.

Meet Sumo Leamington

In this first look into the game and the studio, Studio Director Chris Southall and Studio Engagement Manager Sarah Adams give insight into working at Sumo Leamington, managing a remote-first team with a growing project and how the well-being of your developers can lead to a greater game!

Supercharging Stampede: Racing Royale

From just three people working on a prototype from a broad brief, to a team of over 100 skilled developers developing a huge, multiplayer, online karting game. Lead Designer Anna Lecue and Development Director Paul Hollywood share the secret to growing your game.

The Stampede: Racing Royale Pit Crew

A big team working on an ever-expanding project needs great producers to keep it on track. Senior Producer Arran Blomfield and Producer Aoibhinn McAuley are here to discuss managing sprints, collaborating and managing your content pipeline.

Under the HUD of Stampede: Racing Royale

UI is all-important when a game has so many players, customisation options and prizes to be won as Stampede: Racing Royale does! Associate UI Director France Quiquere and Senior UI Artist Hernan Polloni provide a peek behind the curtain of all things interface – from what good UI looks like to how you create the best experience for a player.

Fired up to hit the track? Stampede: Racing Royale is available to Wishlist on Steam now.  

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