Events 05.09.2022

Join Sumo Group at the Women in Games Careers & Networking Expo

Women from across Sumo Group take part in the Women in Games Careers & Networking Expo on Wednesday 7th September 2022.

Throughout the day, our studios will be hosting virtual panels on topics from getting into the industry, leading with kindness and menopause at work.

The day will start at 10.30am BST and finish at 5pm BST, the full schedule can be found below!

10:30 - 11:00am: ‘Be the CEO of Your Own Career’ 
Kicking off the day will be Sumo Group’s Director of Communications & Marketing, Christina Haralambous, as she talks through her own experiences and lessons learned which helped shape her career; leaving you with a practical list of next steps to help you take charge of your career journey.

11.15am– 12pm: ‘Speaking to the Next Generation’ 
Panellists from Lab42 (Cherish Goldstraw and Carina Sofia Oliveira Soares), Sumo Leamington (Suzanna Tsang and Joanne McInnes) and Sumo Group (Georgina Cornelius and Sara Machado) share their insight and advice on how to take your first steps into the games industry.

12:15pm – 1pm: ‘Building a Better You (Crafting Art Portfolios)’ 
Discover the secret to a jackpot portfolio with advice from artists Danielle Viljoen (Sumo Sheffield), Faye Maxim (The Chinese Room)s and Nina Klos (Sumo Leamington).

1:15pm – 2pm: ‘Using Your Quirks, Skills And Experience From Outside The Industry To Your Advantage’ 
Hear how people from across Sumo Group studios found their experience from other roles has helped them in the games industry in a panel consisting of The Chinese Room’s Gabriela Woch, Sumo Sheffield’s Laura Dilloway, Sarah Adams and Joanne McInnes from Sumo Leamington, Sumo Group’s Georgina Cornelius and Auroch Digital’s Hannah Corcoran.

2:15pm – 3pm: ‘You’re Not a Student, You’re a Junior That Hasn’t Started Yet’ 
Hear from three of our amazing women at Sumo Leamington and Lab42 – Amy Elliot, Zoe Rowbotham and Auguste Lubickaite – on their experiences graduating and finding their first role in the games industry.

3:15pm – 4pm: ‘Leading with Kindness’ 
Sumo Leamington’s Senior Game Designer, Anna Lecue, will be delivering a talk on how she built a team and believes in leading through kindness. During the session, Anna will share tips and advice on how to build a better day.

4:15pm – 5pm: ‘Shhh, Let's Not Talk About Periods, Endo or Menopause’ 
The day concludes with a panel from Sumo Leamington’s Harinder Sangha, Cherish Goldstraw, Cindy Archer and Joanne McInnes, Sumo Sheffield's Chantal Beaumont and Sumo Group’s Leon Killin, Jenny Muhlwa, Georgina Cornelius and Sara Machado.

Our recruitment team will also be available throughout the day to talk about opportunities at Sumo Group.

You can sign up to the virtual event here.