Games 14.12.2022

Jam-packed November for Secret Mode announcements

There have been a fair few announcements coming from The Bunker of our publishing division, Secret Mode, during November… So many in fact that you’d be forgiven for missing one or two what with all the other games industry news this month. 

Here, we’ve rounded up all the exciting news from Secret Mode to bring you up to speed, enjoy! 


Sports-racing mash-up Turbo Golf Racing, from indie developer Hugecalf Studios, celebrated the launch of its biggest content patch to date with Season Two - delivering an entire new 40-level progression pathway brimming with new cars, balls and other cosmetics. 

Ten new levels also feature, taking place within a stunning new Aztec-inspired biome home to new gameplay features such as waterfalls and geysers. Plus, Season Two introduces new tutorials and delivers on one of the community’s biggest requests: Ranked Leaderboards. 

As with all previous Turbo Golf Racing updates, Season Two is completely free for all Turbo Golf Racing Early Access, Game Preview and Game Pass players on PC and Xbox platforms. 


The panna cotta of the animal kingdom has a new home as Wobbledogs Console Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch. Secret Mode, along with developers Animal Uprising and Auroch Digital, invites you to bark up the wrong family tree to spawn truly wondrous mutated mutts in a wibbly, wobbly pet simulator filled with surprises. 

It’s a casual and chill sandbox experience for players of all ages who want to care for their very own virtual pets in a surprising, unique, and stress-free environment. The dogs start out relatively normal but mutate and behave in surprising ways as the game progresses and their evolutionary lines advance. 

Wobbledogs Console Edition has been optimized specifically for Nintendo Switch, and lets players experience the chaotic multi-headed pooch simulator with a revamped UI designed specifically for console play. 


Gamers have been treated to a triple delight this month as A Little to the Left arrived on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. Developed by Max Inferno, A Little to the Left is a wholesome and cozy tidying-up game where players solve puzzles by arranging objects into curious patterns, with multiple solutions which make for intuitive and satisfying designs to enjoy. 

The developer even posted a puzzle online prior to the PC & Mac launch which players had to solve to find out the release date! 


Secret Mode were over the moon to find out that its published title Little Orpheus, developed by The Chinese Room, had won ‘Best of Show’ at Indie X 2022 – in addition to this, Eternal Threads scooped ‘Bets Puzzle Game’ at the 2022 TIGA Awards. 

A number of the publisher’s games were also finalists across several awards recently. First up, Secret Mode was nominated for ‘Best Publisher’ at the TIGA Awards, and Wobbledogs was nominated for ‘Best Casual’ game, respectively. 

Eternal Threads was a finalist for the 'Most Innovative’ award at Indie X 2022, with A Little to the Left also being nominated for the ‘Critics' Choice’ award at the Indie Cup – Canada. 

As you can see, it’s been a busy year for Secret Mode, but there’s still more to come before 2023. Loddlenaut, a creature-raising survival game developed by Moon Lagoon and published by Secret Mode, will also be featured during the Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition on 8th December, which showcases world premieres, demos, exclusives, and new game announcements. 

Beyond that, Secret Mode is busy working on some big 2023 reveals, so stay tuned! 

Want to work with Secret Mode on some amazing, award-winning games? Check out their latest vacant roles, as well as more information about the publisher, right here.