Our Targets

Our environmental targets for 2023 continue to focus on reducing the Group’s carbon emissions, setting clear and achievable targets to help us achieve our goal of carbon net zero by 2025. We're currently working on our 2024 targets which will be available in the coming weeks.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report

Complete and publish our third Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report to continue measuring our carbon emissions.

CO2 Emissions

We continue to be committed to achieving net reductions in the group’s CO2 emissions through investment in efficient facilities and behavioural change via our Climate Champions.

Renewable Electricity

We will make sure all electricity contracts that we control globally are with renewable sources to help reduce our environmental impact and encourage landlords of premises of those we don’t to switch.

Playing for the Planet

We will remain a member of Playing for the Planet, a collective effort by the video games industry to reduce its carbon footprint and integrate environmental activations into games.

Recycling Hardware

We will continue to recycle hardware and look to expand into wider areas where possible

Data Storage & Cloud Infrastructure

We will review our data storage usage and data retention with the aim of minimising energy used on current and future solutions.


We will implement a group-wide policy that requires all business travel to be booked through a service provider that automatically offsets associated carbon emissions.

Our Community Impact

We aim to inspire young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries through our outreach and engagement programmes

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Ahead Partnership

Continuing to develop meaningful programmes and initiatives that make an impact where we live, work and our skills base can be of use.

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Sumo Academy

Investing in our transformative initiatives for under-represented minorities & young people to consider careers in the entertainment industries.

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Our Chosen Charity Partners

We've officially announced GamesAid, Solving Kids’ Cancer UK and SpecialEffect as our chosen charity partners again for 2023.